Chef Kondo Takahiko to join Executive Chef Karime Lopez at Gucci Osteria Florence in March 2022

Kondo ‘Taka’ Takahiko from Massimo Bottura’s three Michelin-starred restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena has been appointed joint Co-Executive Chef of Gucci Osteria Florence.

Married to Karime Lopez – the Executive Chef at Gucci Osteria Florence – the couple have recently started their own family, welcoming a baby girl in September and a new chapter has begun. With the blessing of Gucci and the encouragement and support of Massimo Bottura, the new parents will now share the position as Co-Executive Chefs at Gucci Osteria Florence. The move will not only strengthen the team at Gucci Osteria and allow new and emerging talent to rise through the ranks, but also enable Taka and Karime to raise their family while living in the same city and continue their joint careers in gastronomy.

 With Karime at the helm of Gucci Osteria Florence since its opening in January 2018, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2020. This stunning achievement rates Gucci Osteria amongst the most innovative restaurants of modern Italian cuisine. It was also a landmark accomplishment as Karime was the first female Mexican chef ever to be awarded a Michelin star.

 Taka joined Osteria Francescana in 2005, having left his native Tokyo. He quickly rose through the ranks to become Head Pastry Chef in 2010 and Head Sous Chef in 2014. He also worked alongside Massimo Bottura and the restaurant’s development team on some of their most creatively acclaimed dishes.

 In a joint statement, the couple said, “It has been a hectic year for us, balancing work in two different cities whilst learning to be parents. We are truly blessed to have been given this opportunity and allowing us to grow our own little family within our much larger professional one.”

 Massimo Bottura commented “It moves me to witness the growth of the Francescana family. Taka is like a son to me and now he has his own family to raise. I couldn’t be more proud.”

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura are a series of contemporary restaurants that share the same values and principles under one Gucci Osteria umbrella. Located in selected world cities, each celebrates its own varied and unique identity, while sharing a culinary philosophy that rides the wave of the seasons with creativity, elegance, playfulness and sensuality. Capturing the youthful energy embodied in Maison Gucci and its parallels with the philosophy of chef Massimo Bottura, Gucci Osteria draws from a thread of legacy: always contemporary in its present, yet ever driving forward to the future.

About Gucci

Founded in Florence, Italy, in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury brands, led by President and CEO Marco Bizzarri and Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Following the House’s centenary, Gucci forges ahead into the next hundred years, continuing to redefine luxury while celebrating the creativity, Italian craftsmanship, and innovation at the core of its values.

Gucci is part of the global luxury group Kering, which manages the development of a series of renowned Houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watches.

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